Universal Life Energy Therapies

Welcome to Universal Life Energy Therapies!

Receive in office or remote consulting conference to help you througth a difficult time. Difficult times in your life usually cause emotions, which is energy. For example, grief is an energy that if not worked through causes one to have less than optimum health.

I offer  traditional counseling along with accredited and proven energy body therapies such as guided meditations for your physical and /or emotional area of concern.  Energy body clearing of what practitioners call chakras and energy fields will assist in your healing and obtaining your best life possible. 

Make an appointment with me to experience energy body therapy based on proven and endorsed healing methods.  See "Research Articles" tab for more information on proven energy issue release methods.

  Contact me for an appointment by phone or through this website 'Schedule Appointment or Class.'    See ''Contact Us'' page for my location and sending email to me requesting more information. 

Looking forward to meeting you!